Woolworths Groceries Only Card

The Groceries Only Card has been developed to help charity and community organisations provide assistance to their clients.

It is a condition of use of the Groceries Only Card that it is only used to purchase goods and services, excluding alcohol and tobacco products, at any Woolworths or Safeway Supermarket or Food For Less store across Australia.

With any value between $10 and $500 able to be loaded on to a Card and a simple ordering process, the Groceries Only Card provides flexibility and convenience to organisations helping those in need.

The Groceries Only Card can be used multiple times prior to the expiry date to purchase goods up to the value loaded onto the card. Groceries Only Cards are valid for 12 months from date of issue. A $14.99 delivery fee applies to all Woolworths WISH Gift Card, Essentials Card and Groceries Only Card orders.

If you wish to incorporate Woolworths Groceries Only Card images or brand marks into communications activity you must seek prior approval. Click here to down load the Woolworths marketing approval form.

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